Returns Policy | Aesthetica Solutions

Returns Policy

1. Sales Terms

Goods are not supplied to the Buyer from the Seller on a sale or return basis.


2. No POMs and Coldchain/Refrigerated returns

POMs and Coldchain/Refrigerated returns of goods are not accepted by the Seller at any time, or under any circumstances, with the exception of issues caused by the Seller.


3. Return Terms

Any returns of goods are only accepted by the Seller if the Seller has agreed the returns in writing and a returns form from the Seller has been issued and submitted.


4. Damaged Goods

Damage to the goods including breakages and/or errors must be reported to the Seller by email within 24 hours of accepted delivery of the goods. Any goods deemed to be incorrect by the Buyer, excluding refrigerated goods, must be returned in the original, received and unopened packaging within 5 days of receipt of the order. Refrigerated goods returns will only be accepted within 24hrs of accepted receipt, and only if there have been issues with the transportation of the goods or sorting errors on the Seller’s part. Breakages and damaged goods must be kept with the original packaging and retained for the inspection process employed by the Seller’s carriers.


5. Refunds

Refund: If a return of goods is accepted by the seller, a refund will be made to the buyer within 5 working days after the goods are returned to the Seller.