InstaScript Overview | Aesthetica Solutions

What is PrescriptionPal?

InstaScript has a really great feature that we call ‘PrescriptionPal’. It allows non-prescribing practitioners (such as nurses and aesthetic practitioners) to have access to all the benefits that InstaScript offers.

The process is simple: any non-prescribing practitioner can apply for a PrescriptionPal account and link it with a prescriber who has an InstaScript account with us. You can have more than one associated prescribing InstaScript account linked to your own account. 

Your ‘linked’ prescribing pal will generate a prescription for you online and then allow you to process the order for payment.

To be able to apply for our PrescriptionPal account, you will need to register with us first.

Your linked prescriber must: have an InstaScript account with us, accept full professional responsibility for the prescription and confirm that they have seen the patient that the product is prescribed for.