Aesthetics is a booming industry in which professional standards are important, and it would be easy to assume that our relationship with the customers we supply to is corporate, impersonal and ‘clinical’. In fact, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to nurture and support practitioners by providing a highly professional service with a unique personal touch and an approachable, friendly feel. Rachel Foster’s story is a great example of how we do this.

Our founder Trish first met Rachel when she was working as a Lead Advance Nurse Practitioner at a GP surgery. Trish was instrumental in encouraging Rachel to take the plunge and move into a new career. “I’d always wanted to do something different”explains Rachel, “and Trish was really supportive and motivating, always telling me ‘you can do it’ and keeping in touch. She’s really good at communicating.” 

A few years down the line, Rachel is not only a busy aesthetics practitioner with her own business, Top Aesthetics; she also runs a training academyoffering Foundation and Advanced aesthetics courses. Each course covers different techniques from dermal fillers through to tear troughs, jawline and eyebrow lifts; always with demonstrations and practical training. Rachel also offers courses in chemical peel & skin analysis and mesotherapy, rhinoplasty and lip masterclasses, and observation days for practitioners trained elsewhere who wish to improve their knowledge and confidence. To date Rachel has trained and accredited more than 50 people, many of whom now run their own businesses.

Rachel believes that Trish’s support has helped her enormously on her journey to success. The pair often attend events and conferences together, to learn and grow. As both have grafted hard to start their own venture, which can be lonely at times, it’s mutually beneficial to have a network of ‘colleagues’ who encourage and support each other. Rachel takes the same nurturing approach to the people she trains, offering ongoing mentoring and running a Support Group for those who’ve passed through her courses. She refers them to Trish for product advice and they too become part of Aesthetica Solutions’ network. “It feels like a family”, says Rachel; “They talk about Trish like she’s their Aunty.”

Rachel has tried a few suppliers but these days she orders exclusively from Aesthetica Solutions, due to our product advice and availability, quick and fair-priced delivery, and the reliable service she receives from us: “With Aesthetica Solutions you know you can rest assured it will all run smoothly” she says.While Rachel tends to order in bulk for her training courses, her trainees are particularly pleased with our ability to deliver on low-volume orders: “I know people who want something the next day, even one item, and [Aesthetica Solutions] can deliver that.”

One of Rachel’s recent customers, who received dermal fillers to create new lips and over sessions had skin resurfacing created with a plasma pen, told her “You have given me my life back which is precious”. Proof of the fact that Aesthetics is anything but cold and clinical; it can be life-changing. For Rachel, her business exists to help people, and we’re proud to have inspired her to make it a warm, approachable and nurturing environment, as well as a place in which she can do something she loves. “It’s nice to help people”, she says; Now I’ve done it, I’d never look back”. 

For more information on Rachel’s courses and masterclasses, take a look at her website

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