The results are in; it’s been debated and now proven that non-invasive treatments are powering their way to the top of the cosmetic leader board. Reports have shown that demand for non-surgical treatments has rocketed within the last two years, which is great news for us aestheticians, and great for us at Aesthetica Solutions, where we supply low volume orders of the highest quality aesthetic injectables to our clients, at the most competitive prices.

When patients used to think about cosmetic procedures, it would be surgical options such as breast enhancements, facelifts and tummy tucks that came to mind. However, with the ever-changing markets and continued industry growth, it has become clear that the larger percentage of the treatments performed has moved towards more favourable, non-surgical options.

Non-invasive procedures now actually equate for 85% of the market! The main reason for this is thought to be because of the non-permanent results, the ease of delivery, and the sheer advance in capability of what these treatments can do for the patient. Innovative, non-invasive techniques are now used to reverse the signs of ageing, reduce fat, cellulite and stretch marks, define and contour the body, enhance facial features, and restore radiance and youthfulness to the skin. The list goes on.


Plumping and volumising are aspects of the treatments set at the top of the leader board. Dermal fillers especially are becoming increasingly popular, and we have seen huge boosts in sales of injectable fillers, with an even further increase forecasted for the coming year. Facial fillers are commonly used for filling out tear troughs and cheeks to rejuvenate the face. Non-surgical facelifts are another very popular treatment these days, with very high patient-satisfaction rates. The non-surgical lip augmentation with dermal fillers is also becoming a modern-day favourite, partly thanks to Kylie Jenner

BOTOX® is the World and UK’s number 1 non-surgical treatment. Botulinum toxin, as you know, is a prescribed medicine that is injected into the muscle. The most beneficial ways of using Botox is to lesson crow’s feet, reduce the signs of ageing through wrinkle reduction, perform non-surgical brow lifts, rejuvenate hands and ultimately smooth out creases. Both men and women often undergo this non-invasive aesthetic treatment. Botox actually accounts for 38% of the market in terms of procedures performed worldwide.

Combined treatments are now becoming all the range too, with practitioners using injectables, laser, skincare and sometimes more to help achieve optimum results for their patients.


Although the treatments above are non-permanent, the results of non-surgical procedures are undeniably effective. The power of aesthetics is portrayed through the work of trained professionals across the country and the results speak for themselves, some of which can easily be seen online and in magazines as a huge number of celebrities are showing off their results daily from non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Grab the opportunity The margin for growth within this market is huge, and there is advanced availability for up and coming aestheticians to find their niche. Dentists, doctors, nurse practitioners and even surgeons are now choosing to expand their services and introduce non-surgical injectable treatments to their practices.