It is vital when embarking on any new venture that you have properly researched your market and are confident and comfortable in your approach and strategy to take it forward. So, it is with this in mind that Aesthetica Solutions have created for you your very own survival kit specifically for the aesthetics industry:


Invest in your products

Because we are in a "repeat patient" industry, it is important when you obtain a patient that you think about how to retain the patient. Retained patients are far easier to work with that trying to bring in new patients every time, and it is also in the patient's interest to find a clinic that they can come back to. It is within the interests of both practitioner, patient, and indeed the industry that the treatment is provided using products of the highest possible quality.


Invest in your training

Education is key when it comes to running an ongoing practice. In aesthetics, it is no different, and even the most sought after doctors will continually invest in training to ensure that they stay ahead of the game. When you are starting in aesthetics, it will be most advantageous to gain insight from specialists with specific areas of expertise, that are the best in the business!


Safety - cover your behind!

Insurance, due diligence and patient confidentiality are massive in this industry and it is vital that you are sure that you work alongside companies that can adapt their platforms to meet your needs, or source the appropriate cover to protect yourself and your patients, and ultimately your career.


Get a good website

Your website is the shop window of 2017, and it is imperative in such a competitive market that yours is a representation, not only of what your clinic looks like, but of the journey. The devil is in the details and this is applicable right the way from the first injection you provide to the way the number is displayed on your website. Take the time to invest in a good site.


Record feedback

This can be in the form of reviews, testimonials, videos or social media. In which ever way you choose, make sure your feedback and reputation online is reflective of the reputation that you have when your patient is coming to see you.

Most people who are investigating a cosmetic treatment will not choose you straight away, and will often take the time to research the practitioner before ultimately making a decision on who they will go for. It is with this in mind that we would encourage you to invest in strategies that will enable your patients to review you online and for future patients to find you and to read positive things about you.

These are our top five tips to make it "Big In Aesthetics"!