Non-surgical aesthetics is a fast-moving industry with new products and procedures constantly entering the market. We're dedicated to making the very best of these available to aesthetics practitioners and businesses of all sizes, so it's essential that we use top quality suppliers who understand our needs and can help us fulfil our mission.

We've worked closely with Stella Stefanovafrom DermaMed Solutions UK to develop a relationship that benefits all parties throughout the supply chain and ensures our ability to deliver the latest products to our customers.


The first products that DermaMedsupplied to us were dermal fillers such as Luminera. Our selection includes Crystalys, (a hydroxyapatite-based injectable that assists the generation of the body's own natural collagen) and Hydralix (a gel product uniquely effective for sculpting facial contours). Stella was great at understanding our needs and those of our clients, and soon began supplying us with other products that allow us to position ourselves at the forefront of research and innovation in aesthetics.

Skin boosters, for example, are a fantastic way to improve overall skin texture, beautify an ageing neck or hands and rejuvenate the skin by hydrating from within – like an internal moisturizer. Body contouring, which uses Genefill Contour, is a less invasive option to the Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure and is gaining popularity in the UK especially with younger customers. And at the very cutting edge of our industry we are now able to offer regenerative procedures, which work by injecting Stem Cells to the face, encouraging your body’s own Collagen and Elastin regeneration. This game-changing procedure has even been used to treat blindness, and can work wonders on skin pigmentation, scars and skin damage. 

DermaMed regularly hosts visiting plastic surgeons at Harley Street, offering demonstrations of the latest techniques and new technology - in some cases the creators of the procedures themselves. Attending training days is just one way that we keep plugged into this professional network, so we can be confident that we are sourcing top-of-the-range products and that we know them inside-out. 

Aesthetica Solutions provides the very best products for non-surgical aesthetics, with a highly professional service at excellent value, even for low volume orders. But what makes us really unique is that we are a small business ourselves and we do all of this with a smile and a personal touch. Everyone who comes into contact with us will get to know Trish, Elaine or Alicia. 

One of the great thingsabout working with Stella and DermaMed Solutions is the mutual support and ideas that we’ve been able to offer each other asour relationship has flourished. As Stella puts it: 

“I would say we've met the best people on the market. We have a great relationship. If I need advice I will contact Trish. Since the beginning she has provided me with great support and we have been growing our businesses together. I think meeting with Trish and the full team was a key point for our success as a company, we are learning from each other and growing together.”

For Stella, it’s the whole package that makes Aesthetica Solutions stand out from the crowd: 

“[Aesthetica’s staff] are well trained, excellent telephone manner, easy to approach, if you need info or to speak with them you can establish contact almost immediately, no waiting, highly responsive – practitioners have busy diaries and need this high level of service. They are very good at looking after their clients. Trish is always there for the aesthetic practitioners, she is on top of everything.”

We take pride in the support we offer to colleagues throughout the supply chain, and we’re always keen to hear from practitioners who need advice on selecting products and building their business. View our full range of Products online, or get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you - we’re just a phone call away.