From what started with traditional plastic surgery has progressed through the ages to non-surgical intervention that is delicate by nature, subtle in effect, yet striking in result.

So often we are seeing icons looking flawless and natural in later life with skin that glows so gracefully, leaving those that witness it astounded at it how this has been achieved.

Collagen, HA contributes a great deal to this. No longer do your patients need to consider the daunting prospect of surgery to reduce or improve the signs of ageing, now there is a very, very effective list of treatments to consider beforehand.

Dermal Fillers can now be used to treat the cheeks, chin, jaw, nose, around the eyes, temples and even the lips. By being able to treat these areas, practitioners are able to correct asymmetries, restore definition and volume, contour and strengthen, and with every application help to make the skin look and feel amazing. Its no wonder top Hollywood celebrities are now openly endorsing treatment such as these.

Whilst these are exciting times, we must emphasise the message that a good treatment is a safe treatment. No new technique should be treated lightly and the appropriate experience is crucial to ensuring the message the public hears is a positive one. We each have a commitment to this as it's our future and the future of our colleagues at stake.

Our recommendation is that any practitioner looking to invest in quality treatment and results for their patients, should investigate the wide range of dermal fillers thoroughly and find the right product for them.

Whether it is supporting structure, adding volume, or subtle corrections, the array of products available now will see you through - provided you have the right training.