Trish Patel is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Aesthetica Solutions. Here she gives us an insight into where the inspiration came from to start Aesthetica Solutions, and also what our aspirations are for the future.


For the benefit of those who have never heard of you, who are you? And what inspired you to create Aesthetica Solutions?

Hi! I’m Trish Patel, MD at Aesthetica Solutions. I have always worked for very large companies, not just in the aesthetics or pharmaceutical industry. I was Sales Manager at Samsung before moving into sales for a large pharmaceutical company. When working for such big companies, I couldn’t make much of a difference to the organisation, or to the clients for that matter. This became especially frustrating for me in pharmaceuticals, when I would be unable to help independent practitioners and small clinics, simply because it was not of interest to the directors to offer competitive product prices to this market sector. This greatly conflicted with what I believe; I think we need to help independent doctors, surgeons, nurses and small clinics with a little help along the way, these will become the big names and clinics of the industry’s future. Everybody needs a bit of support, and my partner and I knew that in offering such competitive pricing for our market leading injectable products, with no minimum order boundaries, we could provide this. That’s where the concept came from for Aesthetica Solutions.

With your previous pharmaceutical experience, why did you tailor your business specifically to the aesthetics market?

When I was working for a large pharmaceutical company, the product range was so vast. Personally, I found myself becoming more and more interested in the injectables market; I found it fun, it was a market that was growing and changing all the time, and it still is. We regularly have new products being introduced, and I have become so passionate about these products. Aesthetic injectables change people’s lives; they restore confidence and make people feel better about themselves. I could sell all types of pharmaceutical products, but I am not a doctor, and I would much rather provide products that I believe in, have a passion for, and that I really know about. Customer care is of great importance to you.

How do you implement an unrivalled client experience?

We like to talk to our clients and work closely with them, not just by providing great prices but also by delivering a personal service. Our team likes to get to know each and every client on a personal level; we feel we can offer exceptional support and care this way, especially to medical and healthcare professionals that are just starting up. Eventually, we would really like to offer product training to our clients too, not just for current products but for new introductions to the market. We feel this way we can enhance knowledge and also let people see what products are capable of before purchasing.

Since launching Aesthetica Solutions towards the end of last year, what kind of feedback have you had?

Our clients have all said how much they love our personal service. Funnily enough, although the order process is very easy online, we often find our clients like to call up and have a bit of a chat with us while placing an order! We have had great feedback regarding our next day delivery service, too. All in all, reviews have been fantastic, especially one from Vicki Broughton, who posted a lovely review about our services – so Thank You Vicki!

What are your best selling products?

Since our launch, I would have to say that TSL and Juvederm have been our best selling brands, although all of our dermal filler products are selling well, and this is down to our very competitive pricing. To our knowledge we are actually £10-£12 cheaper on these products, which has meant we are very busy where fillers are concerned!

Tell us a bit about your online prescription service?

At the moment, it is easy to order prescriptions online with us, but we are launching Instascript soon, which will revolutionise this process. Instascript is an online prescription tool which will be free to all of our clients. It enables prescriptions to be ordered securely, with no paperwork involved. We will verify the prescriber at each order with a unique code, which adds further security to the process. There is also the option for non-prescribing practitioners to ‘partner up’ with a prescribing account, and have prescriptions allocated to them and authorised by the prescriber. It really will add to our exceptional service and we cannot wait until the Instascript launch!

If you are a medical professional and would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact Trish or a member of the team on 0203 876 5222. Alternatively, registering with us couldn't be easier.