With the rise in popularity of injectable aesthetic treatments, more and more dentists are choosing to offer Botox as a cosmetic service.

Botox is one of the main shareholders of today’s current cosmetic market, accounting for 38% of procedures performed worldwide. Because of its popularity, Botox is often one of the first cosmetic treatments that a clinic chooses to offer, and here at Aesthetica Solutions, we are perfectly equip in providing you with the highest quality products.


With the correct experience, knowledge and dedication, a specialist service such as botulinum toxin type A injections incorporated into a dental practice’s services is more than within arm’s reach. Botox is also used in dentistry for its therapeutic benefits in the treatment of certain oral conditions. Dentists know the facial anatomy better than any of us, which is another reason why facial aesthetic treatments could be more favourable in the hands of a good dentist than with another practitioner.


According to an independent study completed by the AA`CD:

  • 99.7% of people believe that a smile is an important social asset
  • 74% of adults feel an unattractive smile may hinder their chances of a successful career

With today’s obsession with image and appearance, this is very easy to believe, and so it is no wonder that people are obsessed with a perfect smile.

Using Botox within your practice is as lucrative as other services such as braces. The NHSUK have stipulated that 200,000 children and adults started orthodontic treatment last year. Teeth-whitening is also a very fast moving market; people all over the world use home products, and are now realising the advantages of going to a professional to get their teeth bleached.

Cosmetic dental work is one of the industry’s leading procedures; it has had an increase of 15% within the last year and is thought to grow further in the coming years.


With today’s advances in technologies and techniques, it is so important that even the most experienced practitioners take regular ‘refresher’ courses. If you are a dentist that is just starting out in the world of aesthetic injectables, though, then we have some advice for you:

Some well reviewed and suggested courses by professionals are those run by SkinViva. Botulinum Toxin, as you’ll more than likely be aware, is a prescription-only medicine (POM), meaning that it’s a licensed drug and is regulated by legislation. The Botox and Dermal Fillers Courses that are available offer a comprehensive range of understanding suitable for any level and relatable profession such as doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, midwives and more. For more information please visit their website http://www.skinvivatraining.com/news/botox-fillers-courses-non-prescribing-nurses/

There are several other courses available that will guide you to the world of Injectables in Dentistry and we have compiled list of the Top 25 Aesthetic Injectables Courses.


Currently, only 10% of dentists are trained in using Botox within their practice, leaving a massive margin for improvement and availability of this service for patients. The exclusivity and custom it would bring in would be highly rewarding for you as a dentist, and of course to your business reputation.

Once completing your course and qualifying to administer Botox, it’s important to find a reliable and trustworthy supplier to source your aesthetic injectables. We at Aesthetica are the perfect choice for independent practitioners and small dental practices with a need for low volume products at the best prices.

“We build lasting relationships through personal service and traditional values. With access to continual product innovation, we deliver global market insights aiding the development of your business. We take pride in being accessible, committed and bringing you the best possible service and support.” – The Aesthetica Team

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